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Danyang City Kaixin Alloy Material Co., Ltd manufactures and sells precision expansion alloy, pure nickel alloy, soft magnetic alloy and high-temperature alloy. Our main products include: Invar36, Super Invar, Kovar, Alloy27, Alloy42, Alloy52, Purmendur 2V, Permalloy, Pure Nickel Alloy (N6), Inconel, Monel, etc. All products are made in accordance with relevant standards and inspected strictly before leaving factory. In accordance to RoHS and ISO9001:2008 standard.....
China Arae head office / David Jing
Tel: 0086-511-88039188 / 0086-13861345900
Fax: 0086-511-86459557
Website:http://www.kx-alloy.com / http://www.kaixinhejin.cn
E-mail:kxhj2007@hotmail.com / kxhj2007@kx-alloy.com

International Sales Department/ Arlene Le
E-mail: kxhj@kx-alloy.com

International Sales Department / Qi Zong
Email: kxhjsales@gmail.com
Add: Mazhuang Industrial Park, Yunhe, Lvcheng Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China
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